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Series of documental portraits capturing micro-universes of real-life friendships.

We approached this project in a documental way. We held an open casting and worked with real group of friends engaging in their actual activities. We chose to shoot it on 16mm analogue film to capture the natural feel of each environment, combining both scripted and unscripted scenes. The analogue film minimised the need for artificial lighting and allowed us to be more flexible, resulting in a more truthful representation of these people. 

Production: Steve Spencer
Agency: Guilty Ogilvy

Creative Director  Anna Rubule

Art Director: Reinis Helmanis

Account Director: Kristīne Valere

Account manager:  Krista Gabrāne

Director: Reinis Spaile

DOP: Jānis Jurkovskis

Producer: Helvijs Fiņķis

Production assistant: Annija Ikše

Gaffer: Pēteris Skujiņš

Bestboy: Andris Gilucs

Key Grip: Roberts Dreimanis

Art Director: Zane Priede

Set dressers: Elizabete Spaile

Editor: Matīss Vilkplaters

1AC: Elisa Matveja

2AC: Nauris Brūniņš

Colorist: Max Golomidov

Style: Elizabete Rubene


Location Manager: Kārlis Balodis

Photographer: Filips Smits

MUA: Luīze Stare

Sound Design: Artūrs Šēnfelds 

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