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Film | Beats Of the Empty Land


My debut coming-of-age film. The film is about the boy who kills a cat during his running practice. After a confusion of his own deeds he begins to notice a similar wild energy along his peers in the rural village environment. 
A rough casting between more then 500 kids all across the country. We found two kids at the bus stop, they were shouting to us ''hey goofs, go fuck yourself'' at that point we understood that they are a perfect fit. Ironically the main cast was living at the Village where the shooting took place. No cat was harmed during the shoot, but one cat was lost for one day. 

Director: Reinis Spaile 
Dop: Jurgis Kmins

Producer: Undine Buka
Art: Zane Priede

Locomotiv Productions, NKC

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