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Nike - Just Don't Quit


Promotion video for NIKE spring campaign METACON4, featuring the kickboxing champion Zaur Dzhavadov. This was shot 4 days before Zaur had his next fight. It dictated the workflow a lot. We had only 4 hours of him in the gym, and 1 hour outside because of a strict training schedule he had. That's why we created a 360-degree setting where we can shoot from any angle. The rules are always specific when you work with high-class athletes.

Director: Reinis Spaile, Dop - Janis Jurkovskis, Producer - Santa Shenfelde, Project Manager - Helvijs Finķis, Art Director - Mārtiņš Straupe, Sound - Pēteris Pāss, VFX - Jānis Ērglis,

Style - Ailenda Krivicka, Make up - Evita Nagle,

Music - DJ Monsta, Creative director - Gatis Rozenfelds,

Agency - Tribe Riga, Client - Citysport Latvia

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