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A documental portrait film about Laura who found her escape from the grinding city life in a quite little horse stable. Apparently horses in this stable also have been escaped from somewhere... they are retired ''athletes'' from horse racing competitions.

The film enchase a minimalistic and natural mood of late evening dusk. We wanted to mimic the realistic feeling of staying outdoors late. We also wanted to test the Kodak 500T stock to its maximum shooting dark silhouettes in natural light conditions.

Laura Sileniece

director Reinis Spaile 
dop Jasper de Kloet 
producer Helvijs Finkis 
grip Roberts Dreimanis, Witkit Baltic
cc Max Golomidov
voiceover Demi Ramos
sound Dirty Deal audio, Arturs Senfelds 
equipment BBRental (
16mm film development Focus Film lab Stockholm 


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